Born and raised in Alaska, currently living in Juneau, I am a fifth generation Alaskan. I have been capturing photographs all over South Central and Southeast Alaska for nearly 20 years.  My wife and I have two wonderful, high-energy, dogs and one cat that thinks he’s a dog.  We try to do as much together as we can, except for the cat, he likes to be comfy at home.  Camping, hiking, biking and beach walks are favorites of our little family.  I am an avid hockey fan and have been skating for most of my life.  Fishing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter are also huge passions of ours. Some locations I’d love to visit are Scotland, Norway, Iceland, and Japan.  We try to travel often, and the last few years have really gotten the bug. 

My photographic journey began in Highschool where a group of friends and myself were avid skateboarders.  When I was smart enough to realize that I could not make it as a professional skater, I picked up the camera and began filming.  After highschool that continued, and I was hired by Kits Camera in Anchorage.  Being surrounded by all the equipment and learning as much as I did, I was hooked!  This was the early 2000s and right at the turn of digital, so we worked with film a lot.  Later in my career with Kits/Ritz I became Lab Manager for multiple locations where I was the lead in the photo lab.  This meant doing routine maintenance on the developing and printing machines.  This also puts me in at the ground level of the turn of digital as well.  Learning the new technology and all the new gear, combined with many years of customer service jobs, has led to a photographic business beast.

Now days I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America where I am working towards my Master of Photography degree.  This keeps me constantly learning and trying to better myself in the craft of photography whether it be from entering competitions or traveling across the country to participate in photographic conferences.

With publications in several periodicals, various stock websites, and occasional galleries, it is my hope to further spread the beauty of Alaska.  Specializing in Portraits, Landscape, Sports, Active Lifestyle and Conservation photography.



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Photo with fish taken by Spenser Johnson


Member, Professional Photographers of America